The change in color from rich black to grey is the warning sign.....the pavement surface is becoming worn,

porous, and rough. As the asphalt binder weakens and loses flexibility, the aggregate stone in the pavement

loosens.  Over time, heat, cold, water and air attack the binder in asphalt pavement. They stress, oxidize and weaken it, destroying its flexibility. Spills of gas and oil soften the binder and hasten its destruction.

Now water can penetrate deeper, further accelerating binder deterioration. Aggregate stone begins to loosen,

and cracks and potholes soon form as vehicle traffic exploits pavement weaknesses. In short order, major

repairs are required or an entirely new layer of asphalt is needed.


    "HEAVY-DUTY" protective sealcoating is a preventive maintenance measure which stops this breakdown and there's no denying it......A properly sealed asphalt pavement looks fantastic, imparting a neat and well cared for image to your property!

    We take great pride in our work and strive to provide the most effective "HEAVY-DUTY" protective sealcoating available.

    Bob Gilham-owner    






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